My truck is ruining my shoes!

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There is something coming from the brake and gas pedal area that is ruining my shoes. I have found that all of my shoes have a black splotch on the right toe. After driving in my flip-flops, I find some of it on my bare toe. That part of my foot is not rubbing against the pedals. I hate buying new shoes now because I know they'll soon be ruined. Anyone out there have any ideas what could be causing this?

posted by  Fla Fire Girl

Brake fluid my guess.

posted by  BavarianWheels

do you have a mechanical oil pressure gauge?

posted by  corbett_auto

Nope, no mechanical oil pressure gauge.

posted by  Fla Fire Girl

You live in Florida? There are a couple good shops that my family has come across since the 20's, some are still open, most are not. Depends on your area.

posted by  99integra

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