How do i measure how lowered my car is?

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Hey i wanna get these, KYB AGX shocks for my acura integra. Im set on the shocks, unless anyone can tell me anything cheaper and more reliable. The problem lies within the warranty, its void if my car is 1.5" or higher. So i want to make sure and measure the height of my car, so if anyone could tell me how to do this, id be reeeeeeeeeeaaaly grateful so i dont wast $340.

posted by  j to tha luu

KYB shocks are some of the cheaper ones out there yet are still much better than stock. What the heck does 1.5" or higher mean, your car is already about 6" off the ground. And shocks AND SPRINGS would lower it 1.5" (maybe).

posted by  daytonashelby

my car is lowered, 1.5 inches in the front, and 1 inch in the back (or so i was told) . i want to make sure. so i want to know how to measure how low my car is.

posted by  j to tha luu

shocks will not lower your car, springs will

posted by  RichG

Im pretty sure they mean if youre car is lowered more than 1.5' from its factory ride height it will void the waranty on those shocks..If u have stock wheels and suspension you should be ok...If u have coilovers and or springs or a spring kit that lowers the car more than 1.5 iches youre what setup do u have?...

If u have a STOCK suspension now would be the time to measure youre ride height...You need this measurement as a base mark for adding and adjusting suspention parts...I park the car on a fairly level surface. Under youre car you should have 4 meatal braces where you would place a floor jack to raise the car..measure from the tip of that brace to the floor..take all four mesurement's. Knowing that you now have these measurement's it will be easy in the future to tell how much the car is raised/lowered from custom suspention parts...

posted by  99hatch

what kind of springs? coilovers ..spring kit?..cut factory springs?
who makes them?....

posted by  99hatch

Newsflash. The question is two years old, I don't think he cares at this point. I'm not even sure if he cared when he posted it. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

whats with the sudden surge of year old questions being revived?

posted by  Zalight

opps my bads.....didn't bother looking at the date....

posted by  99hatch

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