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Good day everyone!

I need help regarding the displacement and HP specs of the R2 and RT engine of the sportage diesel. I posted this thread at the asian import forum but I got no results. Or maybe someone can show me a link to infornation on Mazda diesel engines.

Thank You, alvino

posted by  alvino

Tell me the capaicitys and ill tell you were they came from.

Mazda as you know is owned by Ford. Ford has gained diesel engines from varoius places both via collaboration and aquisition with/of other companies. Most the of the good diesels origionate in france or germany were nearly 70% of the cars are diesel, due to the low prices of DERV fuel and tax arangements. Ford also has a diesel from its purchase of volvo although this is largley obsolete.

Most of the current small capacity (well by american standards) diesels are from the Ford PSA development partnership, PSA provided the expertise and Ford stumped up the cash. This has produced the HDI (PSA) and TDCi (Ford) series of engines. Which currently range from 1.4 litres Fiesta/C3 to 3.5 litres used in some of the small trucks and large vans. Ford also have some older 2.0 2.3 and 2.5 diesels but these are only offred in the RWD spec of the transit as the MT75 wont mate to the new engines, and PSA arnt willing to give Ford the gearbox that does!

posted by  cinqyg

Thanks very much for the help. The R2 is 2.2 liter, the RT I'm not sure, except that it is turbocharged and intercooled.

posted by  alvino

there are currently a number of 2.2 litre units, i would asume it is from the HDI/TDCi range

bore& stroke 85x96mm
inline 4
DIN 136bhp@ 4000rpm
DIN 232lb ft @2000

The 2 litre unit is more comman and this comes in 90bhp to 136bhp derivitives, The euro mazda's use the 2litre ford duratorq engine which is basically the same engine just with a diffrent ecu unit to the HDI. This is mainly becuase ford dont sell many units in continetal europe where longevity is a higher priority, the duratorq engines has just been reduced in power slightly to make it conform with Euro IV emmisions.

posted by  cinqyg

Thanks a lot, cinqyg. Are there Kia Sportage Diesel in your country? What engine did they come with? Year model would be early 90's to late 90's. I would appreciate any infornation toward the identification of these engines. Maybe I can send you photos to see and try to ID these Sportage engines. These vehicles came from Korea and are sold here as surplus. These could be military vehicles because they come with blackout lights.


posted by  alvino

do you know what sort of comertial background KIA has? That ussally gives the most clues. but post the pic on here and i will have a look,

posted by  cinqyg

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