Ford KJ Laser stereo wiring diagram?

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A friend of mine recently got a 1996 Ford KJ Laser and he is looking to install a brand new car audio system. Trying to find out the stereo wiring diagram to make the installation process easy. Does anyone know any source from where he can easily get the diagram.
Any web-link will be much helpful.


posted by  dealrocker

Where exactly in California did you get a KJ Lazer? You wouldn't be fibbing about your location, would you?

I wonder why Wally, the self proclaimed expert of... well... EVERYTHING hasn't chimed in yet. :tard:

posted by  vwhobo

I'm not self proclaimed, I had greatness foisted upon me. I thank my ancestors for my superior intellect and humble demeanor.

delarocker, join a Mazda forum and ask them for diags of the 323.

posted by  Wally

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