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Hey guys. I've got a 1998 Hyundai Accent 5-Speed MT and it's got a rev-limiter on it. Problem is I want to start tuning the car to race. In order to get a better shift RPM I want to ditch the rev limiter. Does anyone know if this can be done or not? Any help would be really appreciated.

posted by  Tak53

You may not need to bypass the rev limiter after your mods...I don't know how serious you're getting with the engine but you should make your mods first, then run the car on a dynamometer to see what rpm your peak hp and tq are occuring at....if hp is still climbing when you hit the rev limiter than you know you need to bypass it...if your peak hp is still lower than your redline then you need not bypass the rev limiter. But, if you're absolutely determined to ditch the rev limiter you might want to pick up a sport compact or turbo tuner mag....they advertise for rev limiter and speed governor bypass kits all the time. Good luck!


posted by  Sick88Tbird

Good reply. I would also add that the testing be based on torque as it is the direct indicator of acceleration. If your torque starts to tail off so will your acceleration.

posted by  Wally

I Race A Nissan Sentra And I Would Like To Know How You Disconnect The Rev Limiter So I Can Have More Pulling Power Because It Kicks In Way To Soon. Thanks For Your Help. Terry

posted by  JULIO

Most of the time, if you remove the rev limiter, your acceleration would slow down as opposed to shifting up again. I believe, that you have to take the ECU's fuel maps and reprogram it to get by the fuel cutoff, but there are some OBDII computers that raise the limit. It's not the best way to make power.

Welcome back Sick88!!!

posted by  Godlaus

generally, on most newer cars, the rev limiter is built into the ECM programming thus someone will have to re-program the ECM to over ride it.

I would be careful doing that since the max engine rpms were set by the manufacturer based on the mechanical limitations of the engine, tranny and other drive line components

posted by  tbaxleyjr

... but what about HORSEpower? :laughing: :orglaugh:

posted by  windsonian


Yes well, this is one of the very few real uses for the calculation. :laughing:

posted by  Wally

I'm not so sure you'd want to eliminate the rev limiter, because if you're going to race it, it'll be easy to take your engine beyond any safe rpms for the engine, modded out or not. The thing I'd do is just upgrade to an ecu that increases the rev limiter, not completely remove it. But that's just me, playing it safe :thumbs:

posted by  Juhosaphat

Ok now i might sound stupid but i"m a woman and now tell me how to up grade my ecu and if i have to buy parts where can i get them. Thanks, Chris

posted by  JULIO

You just have to buy an upgraded ecu chip, which depending on the type of car, can either get it out of a catalog, or from your local car parts store. Either way, you can probably get a cheap one for around 100-200$.

posted by  Juhosaphat

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