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Recently, I've purchased an Oxygen Sensor for my Honda Civic LX 1996 Model. I took out the old one and then installed the new one. However, two things happened. Smoke started to come out from the "head" of the new sensor when the engine gets hot and the engine light does not go off.

Is there anything wrong and what must I do to make that sensor runs?


posted by  ovipconsult

Smoke is coming out the TOP of the 02 sensor? Sure about that? :screwy:

Either you have a bad sensor (that would be weird), a leaking sensor because its not tight, or its just anti seiz burning off. That's all I can think off, this is a very weird situation you got here :ticking:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I tried it with my old sensor and the same thing happened (smoke....) :doh: , I will do it again tonight, cos the sensor was too hot and I have to get to work. But maybe the "grease" on the thread was burning. Hope I get it right this time. By the way, once I have corrected the o2 stuff, how do I switch off my engine check light?

Thanks! :smoke:

posted by  ovipconsult

Most OBD 2 compliant cars must use a code scanner to clear the codes

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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