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If i want to take a door panel off where exactly am i going to have to pull. I know that plastic pegs hold the door, but im not sure where they are and i dont want to damage the door.

posted by  j to tha luu

hi, providing the door handle screw is removed, door handle out, remove the plastic clip on the door handle metal rod, don't drop it into the door panel or you will go hunting. the arm rest screw is removed, suggest you get a panel removal tool (local part shop, kind of looks like a stubby nail remover) start at the lower fwd or rear and work your self around to the top, the plastic studs are about 1-2 inches inside of the edge of the panel and approx 10+ studs.. the panel will flop loose, and lift upward to remove the panel . caution there are a few cannon plugs if auto lock, auto window, lights in the door, these need to be disconnected carefully,(use a small tip screwdriver). best thing to do is go to your local junk/salvage yard and find a honda 90-93 and rip that one apart for experience before ruining yours. good luck

posted by  doug wong

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