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So, I burnt a valve in my Met, and took the opportunity to have the head rebuilt. I have a new copper head-gasket, and I'm trying to figure out which way it goes in. On one side it's copper, the other, some other dark metal. I'd assume the copper side goes toward the head, but it lines up either way and there's no markings, so I figured I would pose the question here.

PICTURES :thumbs:

^Copper Side

^Other Side

^Copper Side up


posted by  Bubba

Alrighty then....
Talked to the shop I bought the gasket from, copper side is up.

posted by  Bubba

sorry bubba, nobody that comes around here regularly knows anything...:ohcrap:

posted by  dvdrose18

I know, it's kind of depressing. You'd think with 100+ members joining a day, we would have a bit more activity.:banghead: What are they all doing? There's probably some kind of underground CF crime ring going on right under our noses.:screwy:

posted by  Bubba

I was noticing that too, at any given time there are like a dozen "people" registering. I assumed they where all spam accounts, but I never see them post anything.

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If they do post anything spam-ish, they're usually deleted pretty quickly, so you might not notice anything.

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