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i have a 2002 eclipse and i was wondering what would be a great sound system to put in it im kinda new to whats out there so be kinda specific

posted by  starfish

Hey, dude over there, I know something about this stuff cuz I used to mess around with sound systems...well I still do but anyway. You said you've got an Eclipse right??? Ok, so you should stick with 12's or 10's...don't go overboard with 15's cuz you'll vibrate the hairs off your ass cuz it will be so loud. Get JL 12's...they're the better...and get a 500 watt amp. In a small car, too much sound can really fuck it up. Anyway, get prices, see what's what, and decide for yourself. I got a Lac on 22's with 2 10's and 3 12's with 2 500watt sounds pimp as hell.

posted by  krownvikballa2003

if u can im me on nushaganazad on aim. ill teach you anything u want to know about car audio lol. and first i need a budget to work with, do you need HU? subs? amps? speakers? wiring? alternator? battery? caps? Eqs?

also....quality over quantiityy, becasue even though you have 5 subs. i can get you right now ill get louder/cleaner than you with 1 lol..
also jl is not the best, never has been NEVER will be, and is the worst over prices company in car audio. GREAT PRODUCTS IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. but much better quality for less money...example, eclipse/RE audio for starters

posted by  nushaganazad

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