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Hello everyone,

I have a 2000 Chev Blazer that has had trouble starting lately. I got stuck in the parking lot at school and had it towed into a neighbourhood garage on Thursday last week. They said it was the fuel pump and I was forced to shell out $900 for that.

Since then, I've woken up to find that it won't start in the morning. One time I boosted it and it held a charge and I was able to go to school for several hours and still drive it home.

It wouldn't start again tonight, so I used a battery charger and got it back up and running.

I don't know what's wrong, obviously. I had it in 4-5 months ago to replace the alternator, so I really hope its not that.

Here is a picture of something that may be the problem. The black wheel part spins a couple of times and then stops. What is that thing (so I don't sound like a jackass if I try and tell anyone else)? Is that related?

Is there anything else I can try before I take it back to those jerks at the garage?

Bryan Weismiller

Piccy (

posted by  '89Camry

I believe the "black wheel part" in the picture is the pulley for your air conditioner compressor. It shouldn't be spinning unless the a/c is turned on. If you turn the a/c on and it doesn't keep turning you may be low on freon, but I can't imagine this could be related to difficulty starting.

When you say it has trouble starting, what exactly do you mean? Does the starter crank the engine? does the engine start and stall? does the starter not spin at all? does it make that clicky dead battery sound? (see here: Is the check engine light on? any trouble codes?

Many auto parts stores (especially larger chains) will test batteries, alternators, or scan the diagnostic trouble codes for free.

BTW: you don't have to take it back to "those jerks" at the garage, you could find a new garage, or fix the problem yourself:banghead:

posted by  dvdrose18

"Trouble starting" is an invalid description of a problem.

Does the engine crank and not start? Does the engine do nothing when you turn the key? From your rambling description I believe it to be the former, but I'll take nothing for granted.

Are there any other drivability issues? Is the MIL (look it up) illuminated either continuously or intermittently?

I've said a zillion times on this forum (yes, I've counted), if you want to be helped, first you must help us.

P.S. Reduce the size of your picture or make it an attachment.

posted by  vwhobo

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