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i have an 89 ford taurus station wagon (6 cylinder) and i have been having some electrical issues. first i'll give you the history...... my alternator buned out, so i replaced it. then about a month later my new alternator burned out, once again replaced (warranty). then i my battery went dead, like it wasnt getting a charge. i replaced the voltage regulator, worked great. then it wouldnt start, i burned out the solenoid, but after replacing i was right back on the road. now it gets tricky...... the car would not start again, once again, i replaced the solenoid and it started fine. after this, i have since replaced the solenoid 3 more times.
so here is my question....
what would cause me to keep burning out solenoids?
battery has been tested, charged (many times) and is fine (less than 1.5 yrs old)
each time the solenoid burns out, the battery is dead. after replacing and getting a jumpstart (soon followed by a full charging) the car starts fine.

please, anyone help? :banghead:

posted by  setkaos

I feel your pain bro! :screwy
ignition hell...89taurus here!
replaced tmi module..wich fixed car shutting down when hot outside??
now it just stops running spontaniously when cold but is fine when warm??
and as of yesterday wont fire up at all?? cap and rotor replaced to no avail....
but looks like a seloinoid could help, thnx to your exp...i'm getting spark but no fuel thou ?..i dunno?...if its the fuel filter..i dont think i wanna pull the gas tank to replce it!!....so i'm think'n for my own therapy...i'm going to try a baseball bat and some dynomite?....
good luck

posted by  h20god88

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