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Hi i have been experiencing problems with my LPG system in my ford sedan... at times it runs perfect but at other times it runs very bad as in stutering and sometimes even stalling. It sort of feels like the car is very low on gas, but its not. like i said it will run perfect at times then 5 minutes later it will shit itself.. 5 minutes again it will go fine. i know a fair amount about my car but very little about how the LPG works, i am hoping someone could direct me in the right direction thx.

P.S my LPG system was professionally installed 7 years ago. As in it was not a back yard job.

My Car is an Australian made Ford Falcon XE 1983 sedan. (not that this should have anything to do with this problem)

posted by  Shrekar

Few questions first, how long has it been playing up? Can we assume that the car is running on carbs? do you know which manufacutres parts were used? is it a single or 4 point tank? does temperature have seem to have any effect on it? does your system have a electric evaporator module or does it use a heat exhanger linked to the cars cooling system, when was it last serviced?



posted by  cinqyg

playing up for about 6 months.. as for the carb i am almost certain that is not the problem that is the first place i looked... it uses a special type of carb which allows the car to switch from LPG to petrol... my car can run on both petrol and LPG....which i forgot to mention before. i purchased this car off a half mate of mine which i ahve no contact with today because he lives somewhere in europe, but i will assume it hasnt been properly serviced since it was installed. single or 4 point tank? dont know what that means.. the gas tank itself is a big round metal thing located in the boot if that helps...a electric evaporator module or does it use a heat exhanger linked to the cars cooling system.. no idea that that means either but i will be able to find this stuff out by this time tomorrow. thx

i was kind of hoping this is a common problem with LPG cars.

posted by  Shrekar

if its a single point tank, ie the inlet, outlet recirclation and presure valve are all coming out the same hole then it might just be a moisture problem.

posted by  cinqyg

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