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a friends of mine has a nice golf gti, he's just bought some lovely new alloys for that badboy and given me his old BBS's, unfortunately my golf is a 4 stud model, and the alloys are 5, i was told to get my studs converted, so my question is;

can i get my golf converted? is it a difficult job, would it cost me a lot of money? and is it worth it, i have an old mk2 golf, i love that little bitch but i dont want to pay hundards of pounds on her, not just for wheels!

Thanks! M@

posted by  mattmorgan0506

To convert the hubs from four, to five studs, you'll have to replace all four of them, as far as I know. It may prove rather costly if you pay a Mechanic to carry it out, however, if you chose to do it yourself you will only need to pay for the parts, thus saving yourself alot of wongo :hi:

posted by  Cliffy

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