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Got an uno d with the lucas pump,i changed the filter housing for one with a lift pump on and cheaper filters from a bx.I have a problem that appeared last week here goes.

When driving sometimes the first 2 inches of throttle have no effect on the revs and you have to shove it to the floor to make it go,it usualy idles ok when this happens but does occasionally stall as if its running on 3,i usually get home and fiddle then all is well maybe for 2/3 days then it happpens again.
I thought it was air getting in so i took the primer apart and all is ok and ive put some clear pipe between filter and pump banjo and no air is never there,there is also no air going back to the tank,when the engine is stopped you can pump the primer a few times and it feels like air is being compressed then it goes hard,is this normal as my p100 is hard when the engine is stopped.
I have changed the filter, blown all the lines through swollen all the copper o rings and greased em.

Any one had this happen on any diesel car or know of any good diesel forums.

Thanks Paul

posted by  paul w

what vehicle is this? Never heard of it. Lucas Pump? Lift pump? explain urself sonny

posted by  Aten

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