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Here's the deal. 1993 Dodge Intrepid. Had the transmission rebuilt 2 years ago. After a few months the same trouble began and now it is out completely, but still has reverse. Before it went out, I had to let it idle longer and longer as time went by for it to go into forward gear. Been thinking about replacing it with a used one. Does anyone think it may be something else besides the transmission? Could it maybe some electronic sensor? Any ideas at all will be helpful. Thanks, condor

posted by  condor

Is it an Auto or a Manual transmission?....It's hard to determin what may be at fault either way, it would help if we knew though, thanx! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

It is an automatic. I have looked for recalls on it and I did find a service bulletin about the transmission range sensor. condor

posted by  condor

It could be the neutral safety switch.

However in that case it would not go in reverse.

Ok, check the fluid. Is it burnt?

Likely its your tranny has worn out.

Is it beautiful red color? Possibly an error code. Torque converter unlock thing.

2 transmissions wearing out back to back.... it could be the coolant lines are clogged. There is usually no warning of this condition. But its often caused by using that radiator clog stuff.

theres some hints to go on report back if u get anything more specific. It does not sound to me like an electrical problem, it sounds like it is shot to me. A last ditch effort is buy a syphon pump and syphon out 4 quarts of tranny fluid at a time, about 4 different times ( or pay to have it vacuumed out, even better.) and see if it is something clogged in the torque converter that you can unclog.

posted by  stamar

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