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Hi i have a 1996 chevy s-10 and somethin is wrong witht he igntion b.c when u start it u have to play around and wiggle the key alittle bit and when it rains it wont start it hink its not starting b/c of sutmhing with the ignition wat shud i do about the car not starting in the rain ne1 no wat it is? the car has bout 130k miles on it pleez give me ur input

posted by  Paul24

I would highly recommend using the introductions section before expecting any help. People will be willing to help you after you've introduced yourself :thumbs: :ticking:

posted by  Cliffy

My dad had this problem with his car also it ended up needing a new starter. He also had another car that didnt start in rain and that was from the sparkplugs getting wet. You can try and buy a spray for it probley in struss or any car store.

P.S. Post in the new commers section tell you name and car so ppl know you more and they will help you. Everyone is really nice here Iam new here myself.

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posted by  Wally

How about writing in plain elglish instead of AOL I.M. ese. I dont understand my teenagers when they IM in this stuff

If my translation of IM ese is OK, you are on the right track about ignition components or wiring connectors Check plugs, wire insulators and use plenty of dialectric grease. Also check the wiring connections near the ignition module/coil packs and use dialectric grease to keep moisture out of these connections too. Could have a crack in a coil pack or module itself which means replacement if detected.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

lol(laughing out loud) sorry about the aol talk but thank you for all the input i dont know much about cars so i think ill talk it to a garage.

posted by  Paul24

Nothing wrong with that - The only reason i know what I do about some of these ignition systems is I have fooled around with them for a while - I dont comment much about trannys, rear ends and custom mods because I don't mee with that stuff much

posted by  tbaxleyjr

about this problem i heard that spraying wd-40 on wires and stuff will stop this wats a quick fix i can do?

posted by  Paul24

You dont want to use WD 40 - you want to use silicone spray - What this stuff does is displace the moisture from underneath distributor caps. This is good if you have a car with a distributor

Your S-10 probably has DIS (Distributorless Ignition System) and does not have a distributor cap

posted by  tbaxleyjr

so the silicone spray wont do nething for my car? is there any thing i can do for it or do i have to take it to a garage

posted by  Paul24

Having been pointed here by a friend...WD40 does exactly that...Water Displacement #40. Read the label.

It was first produced to displace the water moisture on rockets (I read a long time back)...and later was found to be a good for thousands of other uses.

History of WD-40 ( of many websites.

posted by  BavarianWheels

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