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Since my motor has been off of the road the battery has gone flat,I therefore have to open the doors with the key instead of the alarm fob.When i do this the alarm sounds but eventually stops,the trouble is i need to recharge the battery,does the alarm run off of the battery or is it on an independent power source?

posted by  prof

well I have a 97 mercury and my battery was low when I bought the car. My alarm always killed my battery because I was a new driver and didnt want to drive. my battery was hooked up to my alarm, if I were you I would take the car on the high way if you can get it started.

Ask a neighbor for a boost and then run it for a while and take it out and it should re-energize.

P.S. I left my alarm off for a while till the batery was re-energized.

posted by  Fgreco

becareful that you dont blow the ecu when you jump it.

posted by  cinqyg

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