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I hope I can explain this so someone will understand so here it goes.
I own a 95 Honda Civic Coupe DX,Automatic, 118k miles. Bought her with 98k and iv had this problem since i bought her almost 3 yrs ago.
I'll be driving along, say 25 mph and I will slowly go to about 30mph, ok well somewhere in betwen 25-30, the car starts to bounce. Not like im hitting bumps and im not going side to side. It just shutters up and down, sometimes just alittle bit, sometimes pretty bad. I dont hear any noise and my car is an automatic with no tact so I can tell what im running at. This also happens sometimes between 40-45 (tho very rarely), 55-60, 65-70 (again not so much). If i go past those speeds it stops and most the time wont start again at the next set of speeds, if I take my foot off the gas it stops as i slow down but soon as I put my foot back on it starts again. So I usually just gun it to get it to stop. Its obviously when shes shifting but every mechanic and friend and friends of friends says that doesnt seem to be the problem, iv had the entire axle changed, alighnment, tire balanced, and other things changed in her since I bought her like the distributer. Well with summer comming on my windows are down, system is up but one day about 2 weeks ago I noticed this metalic sound that knocks when I had my foot on the gas, second I take it off it goes away, so I think, bearings, so I get them checked, they say its fine but will need to check again when i get summer tires on. Got to wait on that since summer tires are in the mail. Now the sound is comming from the engine and theres another sound associated with it, some sound I cant describe. Its metalic, I dont wanna say grinding but i guess it could be. I just dont know what it could be and was hoping someone here could give alittle suggestion if they have an idea on what it could be. Any help would be appreciated. I dont really know much about cars but im learning really fast. Im sorry the post is so long!! Thanks in advanced!!

posted by  Thiatereika

This is weird.

If it were a rear wheel drive car I would say it is definitely the U joints.

A vibration that occurs only in certain speed ranges would be driveline problem in a truck or sports car.

So in your car, my best guess would be the cv joints. Usually they make a clicking sound when they go out as well because that is a built in safety thing when they are out of there position, they go click click click in a certain speed range.

Your engine is mounted transversely, the cv joints are unequal lengths connected to the transmission.I would check for play in both of them or obvious loss of grease from the rubber boots.

edit You did say you had the entire axle changed, do you mean the rear axle or both cv joints?

posted by  stamar

For elimination I would check engine mounts. If the rubber has gone soft or one has a split it could cause vibration in selective speed ranges. I would have thought this less likely in a transverse mounted engine though?

posted by  HighWayMan

I had the front done on 2 seperate occasions, 2 diffrent mechanics. The first time i belive it was when my distributer went and i figured id kill 2 birds with one stone, they told me the right side boot was all ripped up.. and the second time i was just getting my exhaust fixed up and my sisters x who was the 2nd mechanic showed my how the left side boot was starting to wear down so *sighs* he fixed that side. I dont know why the boots just keep wearing down so fast.
Well i brought my car to the shop this morning, told them the noises and vibrations i was feeling. They called alittle while later and said they took it around town and on the highway and couldnt hear a thing and they checked my breaks saying they were in good condition.. strange since i had my bearings checked by another place and they said the back breaks were as good as gone.. anyways, i go and pick up my car.. they put a whooping 2 1/2 miles on the car. Strange since its 7 miles in either direction for an exit off the highway. The most driving they did was probally taking her down the street going probally about 30 mph, i told them to go around 40 cuase thats when its loudest. So my only option i can think of now, is to just play it out, if the motor dies i'll get another, same with tranny. Almost all the othe parts are just about brand new so now its just major items that need fixen up.
If anyone can think of anything im missing or are unclear up, please let me know. I really do appreciate it. Thanks in Advance!

posted by  Thiatereika

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