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I have a '97 Toyota 4runner SR5, 3.4 litre V6 automatic with an idle problem. This morning as I exited a beltway, the enigne just cut off. I was able to restart it as I drifted down the ramp, but as soon as I took my foot off the gas it dies again. I tried turning on the A/C to see if that would keep the idle up, but no help - it just increased the RPMs slightly like it normally would. I limped the 4runner to work switching between D and N and regulating the idle by foot (no easy task in heavy city traffic!) I am sure there is some (hoepfully simple) bolt-on widget that tells the engine to idle at X RPMs. If anyone has had this experience, any advice would be helpful and save me from a paying a mechanic or worse the dealer!! Thanks!!

posted by  wwilme

There are some bright red words about this forum...no questions here.

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first try to get a book on the vehicle, this should about $20 to $30 and a good investment.

Did this just all of a sudden happen or have you noticed a decrease in rpm over time then it just started dying? In some older cars there is a small screw on the throtle body that regulates idle that may be missing it. In new cars with mostly eltronics there might be a fuse thats blown or a relay that is messed up.

I am not an expert, but those are somethings to look at. If anyone knows that I am wrong feel free to let me know. and this guy. :ticking:

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