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Hi, all the experts out there, help me figure out what is going on.

The A/C of my 94 Honda Accord LX isn't working, so I used a guage to check the pressure: 20psi. OK, it is low. I went to Target to get a couple of cans of refrigerant. Since the car uses R134, it should be easy (I thought).

The weird thing is: within seconds after I start refilling, the pressure shot up to 75psi. I didn't try to refill into the high end valve. I tried to refill into the low end, which gave me a 20dpi reading prior to refill. So, it seems that low end valve is one-way now, only "out" no "in". BTW, the eigine was running when I did all this.

What might be the problem? Thanks in advance for any input.

posted by  canoner

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