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any suggestions on a sound system in a 2002 eclipse

posted by  starfish

i jl audio 12w7 and a 600 watt jbl, works for me and sounds awesome

posted by  RichG

I would also reccomend JL Audio... I've got a pair of JL 10W0's on one of their 300/2 amps, and they work well. For a little more money you could get 10W3's. The 12W7s are killer, but it all depends on how much you wanna spend. Anything JL is a safe bet.

posted by  Viper86

lol everytime i have seen someone ask about systems people say JL, but sorry, jl is not the greatest and MUCH better can be had for half the price. jl is NOT overrated, but IS overpriced. lol dont think i hate on jl, i run a 12w7 in a slot ported box tuned to 32 hrtz off of a jl 1000/1 in my car, but my dream system puts JL in the bucket for hafl the price.

posted by  nushaganazad

One word... INFINITY. Nuff sed! :thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

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