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Still trying to get this 88 honda civic sounding better. The tranny fluid helped alot, still a clunking sound shifting from P to R, though softer. I'm gonna have to check into leaking possibilities more this weekend.
My next concern is that the car has a high idle at stoplights. Definitely racing to go. This is somewhat variable, sometimes idles higher that other times. Can I adjust the idle myself? with help from my neighbour? Is that indeed the solution or is this indicitive of some greater problem?

Hey, if you guys have cooking questions or something more in my area of expertise, I'll be glad to help!

posted by  sockmonkey

As far as the "clunking" sound you might want to look into engine/trans mounts...i've seen it hundreds of times on those cars. As far as adjusting your idle you have a 2bbl carburetor or fuel injection? If you have a carb. you may be able to adjust the idle speed with a little help from someone with a little mechanical knowledge...i can't remember whether or not honda used plugs over the carb adjustment screws...if you have fuel injection you may want to make sure to check the throttle set screw...if it's turned to far in it can cause a high idle...but you'd probably experience that all the time. Hope this helps you out a little.


posted by  Sick88Tbird

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