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i have bought an aftermarket tachometer and am wanting to fit it to my 1.2 vauxhall corsa. the car was made in December 1993 (L reg).

the rev counter itself has five wires coming from it (red, white, green, black, orange)

the instructions say:

connect tachometer ground (black) wire negative (-) battery terminal or to a good chasis ground.
connect tachometer power (red) wire to a switched =12V circuit at fuse box or splice into any vehicle harness wire which is energised only when ignition key is on (run) position.
connect tachometer LED memory (orange) wire to batter and (white) wire to night lamp.
connect tachometer signal (green) wire to appropriate vehicle tachometer signal source.

these instructions are confusing and i have no idea where i need to connect the five wires.

some help would be brilliant


posted by  craig_dixon1986

You should probably know which wire for the tachometer in the car does what. When you removed the old tachometer in the car did you note which wire was connected to what in the car? or did it even have a tachometer?

I think you probably need to hook the BLACK wire to either the negative battery terminal or an unpainted metal surface on the car chassis. :screwy:

posted by  Bubba

My interpretation:

black = screw to the chassis somewhere,
red = +ve of ignition coil
orange = connect to battery +ve with a fuse inline
white = wire to instument cluster switched positive rail for backlighting
green = -ve of ignition coil.

posted by  Wally

the car didnt previously have a tachometer.

does anyone know where in my car i can find these wires?

posted by  craig_dixon1986 I invisible?....I believe I've told you no less than three times that one thread is enough, check out the rules :banghead:

Here's a link to your original thread.....please use it for any further information you require. I wont ask you again.

Rev counter (Tachometre) (

posted by  Cliffy

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