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Hey I just bought a 95 Geo Metro, 4 manual door sedan

I got a good deal on it but the catch was....

Now it's technically 3 and 1/2 doors. The door is smashed in and so the top part is sticking out. There is a huge gap where the frame and top part of the door are not touching. I closed it temporary with ducttape. It's wedged in shut so I can't open it anymore. The shotgun door still works. The only real damage seems to be just the back door and part of the frame. The engine works great and wheels weren't affected. The car was smashed from the side by another car. This is my first car and I would really appreciate any help. I don't have much money to take it to a repair shop since I spent 2 years just saving up to buy it. It's my first car so I'm completely lost. Is there any way i can pop the dent back out myself?

Any ideas?? :banghead:

posted by  likuid

not this one. Rear door is a candidate for replacement (junk yard?) Rocker panel needs straightened. Right front door and rear quarter panel might be straightened. Cant tell from the picture what condition the B-pillar is in.

I hate to tell something you don't want to hear - You really need the services of a body shop

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I think the dent is a little to "dented" to pop back out. I'd take it to an auto-body shop :banghead:

posted by  Bubba

how much do you guys think it will probably cost? Rough estimate will be fine...too dented?? sigh...guess frame needs to be fixed too...

posted by  likuid

Not having seen the car, I don't want to venture guess at this one. A good estimator @ a bodyshop will look under the car and as well as at the dents.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

As tbaxle says, the body shop will probably look underneath the car anyway, but quite often in these situations, some form of chassis damage will have occured, in which case, more often than not the car will be written of...unless you have plenty of dosh to through at it..Note:An insurance company has to write the car you are not going through an insurance company to fix the damage it wont be oficially written off...hell, if you have the money, you can fix anything lol

Good luck! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

awww okay thanks guys

posted by  likuid

Likuid......I understand your thinking on this one and that you got a good deal, however it is really clear to someone like me that you have/had NO idea what you were getting into when you bought that car. You got a good deal for a reason dude, LOL....You have WAY more damage than you think you do and therefore, I would have never bought that car without knowing what I was getting into. You could have taken those same photos and then some to several body shops and asked what their opinion was before buying it. It is hard to access damage from pics but I can tell you that in order to correctly fix that car, you probably are looking at at least 5-7 thousand dollars EASY. One thing to remember with body work is that you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have WAY more dollars in damage than you think you do. ALWAYS!!!! You need two NEW doors or salvaged ones that will have to be prep'd and painted. You also need major rear rocker panel/quarter panel work to be done as well as suspected "B" pillar work. (That is the pillar that the rear of the front door and front of the rear door connect either via hinge(rear) or latch(front). In that small car you probably have slight frame damage as well. That car took a MAJOR hit and ain't no small amount of work gonna fix it. I hate to break it to you. :banghead:

posted by  cmeseadoin

Looks like its mainly to the doors and the lower body chassis. We had a minor accident in which we had to replace the front bumper only... that was a 5000 dollar replacement. So don't expect a very low price :banghead:

posted by  Bubba

Ouch...5-7,000 just to fix it?? I only bought the car for $1500..I guess I should just take my losses and live with the dent. 3 and 1/2 doors is still koo i guess. LOL...a car is a car...gosh i hate being poor...if only my parents will help pay for me but nooo...oh wells

but on a side note, do you guys think I could straigten the main part of the dent out but taking out the door and hammering it out, so it doesn't look that bad, then putting it back in?

posted by  likuid

Well think of it this way... you cant make it look any worse :laughing: . Go ahead and try. It might make a big difference

posted by  Bubba

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