My 1991 Honda Civic DX wont start.

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I have a 1991 Honda Civic with 190,000 Kilometers on it. Just last month, the car started to stop starting. It would start in the morning, and would run fine. But after I turned it off, and would go into store, or just have it off for less them 2-3 hours, it would not start again. Then all of a sudden it would not start at all, and has refused to start at all. The engine seems to turn fine, and just as soon as it seems to want to catch, it will cut out, making a almost coughing sound. I was told by a Honda Mechanic to check my Relay and my igniter, and have replaced these, but the problem still remains.

I am sorry if my post is lacking in info, I do not know much about cars, but I do know where everything is, and what its called and looks like.

Can anyone give me any help?

posted by  Jesse F

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