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Can anyone help me. I've recently bought an old Honda CRX which has a laserline alarm fitted. There are no instructions and I have NO idea how it works. This is probably very basic but I'm totally stumped.

I don't know what model it is, but it has a key fob with two buttons, and a separate hard plastic bit with two metal pins. The alarm goes off every time I try to start the car. If I stick the bit with the metal pins into the corresponding holes on the dashboard twice, the alarm stops.

Can anyone tell me how to start the car without the alarm going off. There are lots of codes on the back of the keyring fob.

Any help on how to deactivate the alarm so it doeasn't go off would be very much appreciated!

Many Thanks

posted by  esther1uk

In my car you have to leave the little plastic bit in the corresponding place and then start the engine :thumbs:

posted by  Bubba

Hi Esther1uk,
I want to ask you if you received any additional information. I also am looking for information about an Alarmline car alarm (type KBA9650) that's mounted in the Mitsubishi Galant Wagon 1998 I have just bought.
It was turned off by the keyswitch on the black box. If I turn it on, it starts beeping for 30 seconds, pauses for about 10 seconds and then starts again. I have a small manual in German with a lot of pictures explaining the operation, but I need more information.

posted by  ByteSurfer

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