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I was wondering if anyone out there can help.. I have a 94 crown vic with a 4 speed overdrive tranny. When driving, the tranny goes into overdrive at 40 mph, it has a high pitched whine. When I let off the gas it goes away and when i step on it it comes back and if I take the overdrive off with the button, the tranny doesnt make any noise at all, any ideas why it would do this only in overdrive?

posted by  bberls


posted by  Wally

the fluid is fine

posted by  bberls

When it goes into overdrive, there's a physical clutch that engages, connecting the engine directly to the transmission like in a car with standard shift. That sounds like something's wrong with the overdrive clutch, if it's only happening in overdrive.

posted by  KNTRDR

What would i need to do to fix that?

posted by  bberls

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