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I have a 1991 V8 5.0L Pontiac Firebird and the oil pressure is always maxed out when im giving it gas but when it is idling it drops down to about half way. Is this normal?

posted by  dmhjcd

try introducing yourself Here (http://www.car-forums.com/talk/forumdisplay.php?f=25) and you may get more responses. Nope oil pressure guages don't usually vary wildly and maxed out is not good news ever. Give more data bout what's happening. Does it run smooth/rough? Does it use oil or level says good? Is the oil on the dipstic normal or bubbly, if you look at the coolant when cold does it have oil in it? Anything else you notice?

posted by  HighWayMan

1. I already introduced myself in the introductions section awhile ago

2. It seems to run fine from what i can tell the engine so goods and the engine oil looks good.

posted by  dmhjcd

If there's no sign of oil loss or contamination and no sign of the oil contaminating the coolant then maybe the problem is in the pressure guage or transducer. I was thinking engine pressure was getting into the oil system somehow but that surely would show in the condition and quality of the oil as well as engine performance.

Or maybe higher revs are causing oil pressure build up which is indicative of a blockage somewhere.

I assume you have a new filter etc? Eventually someone's going to join the discussion with practical suggestions but the more you can tell about what has and has not been done the better.

All my oil problems to date are due to it leaking and not being able to get the gasket I need to stop it.

posted by  HighWayMan


posted by  Wally

I cant really supply anymore info because thats all i can tell. I just got a oil change not to long ago so it should be a new filter. I will look at the oil pressure valve. oh yea their is no leaking or anything that i can tell. Thanks for all your responses.

posted by  dmhjcd

"should be a new filter" Probably your problem. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I've experienced a very similar problem with an early '90's saturn sc. Oil pressure was high at idle and if you gave it some throttle it would peg. I heard a very faint knock coming from the cam and rockers, figured it was due to the high mileage on the engine. The car came in for an oil change and the guy got much more....as I was draining the oil, I noticed the oil looked like it had small metal flakes in it...sure enough it did. After draining the oil filter it was still extremely heavy, loaded with little metal flakes.

Turned out he had spun a rod bearing blocking the oil flow through the crank and it restricted flow through sections of the oil passges. This car never made any bottom end noises and it ran smooth as silk. You may have a worn sending unit or a build up of "sludge" (hardened oil deposits) in some of the oil passages........what kind of mileage is on the engine???

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I guess he either fixed it or it blew up. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

my families GMC suburban also does that, is could posably be a short in the dash. :doh:

posted by  rstifle3000

Possibly (or is it posably?) not.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I just purchased a 2000 Dodge Ram 1/2 ton 4wd. First thing I did was change the oil and filter, except I USED A SYNTHETIC BLENDED OIL. The truck had in the high 80's mileage. Now, after about 3,000 miles my oil pressure is high all the time. I spoke with a couple of mechanics and they told me... You shouldn't put a synthetic in a high mileage vehicle unless it's been used right along. The synthetic creates tighter tolerances as well as slips by the rings, therefore getting a slight oil burn. Resolution? Add Motor Flush for a few hundred miles. drain and replace the filter and oil. This time use SAE standard oil. Synthetic is great for new and right from the beginning but don't switch later on. The most common problem will be oil burning and more costly, you will burn out the oil pump because it won't be able to keep up the pressure. Which in turn could lead to a blown motor. Hope this helps.

posted by  NyGregg

I'd just like to point out to anyone who has the misfortune of reading this post to forget it. It's so full of misinformation that the person who typed it should be shot. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

yeah... i'd say you just go around this site looking to make people mad

posted by  tikrapt

Hmmm... I's say you just go around in life trying to make yourself look stupid. You're doing a great job. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

So you can use synthetic on a higher mileage car?

posted by  Golddragoner

Yes, you can absolutely use synthetic oil in a higher mileage car, but... Higher mileage cars have probably already started a certain amount of oil leakage/seepage. Due to the fact that synthetics generally have higher lubricity, they tend to find those areas then seeps become leaks and leaks become bigger leaks. Also, due to the fact that older engines generally have more wear simply because they're older, you gain less of the benefits that a synthetic gives you.

All that being said, my wife's current going to work car, a '96 Jetta GL 2.0 with 88k miles on it, has always been a highway only car, has always had regular oil changes with synthetic oil with a good filter and leaks/seeps/burns zero oil (zero consumption between oil changes). It will continue to get synthetic oil for the foreseeable future. On the other hand, I wouldn't take a car with a spotty maintenance history, high miles and dino oil and convert it over. The gains would not make up for the extra cost of synthetic. Cheaper oil and a mid grade filter will suffice.

posted by  vwhobo

Yea I thought so. Mine leaks oil a bit (no its not because its old...its the stupid design of the engine as they ALL leak. You will not find a Tracker or Sidekick that does not leak (1.6L 8V engine)) It also burns up quite a bit of oil. If I drive it relatively hard I can use up 4L in about 1500km

posted by  Golddragoner

hey! fellas, I have a '03 Sonoma, and I too have a high oil pressure problem. It runs normal but, the gauge reads between 70 & 80 psi, It pretty much stays there. I checked the oil level, it was good, but I noticed it was a little bublly. I also noticed that when I slightly hit the throttle, I hear a bubbling sound. I'm due for an oil change so, I'll go ahead and do that and then ill see if anything happens.

Can someone please help me? ...It will be much appreciated. thnx.:thumbs:

posted by  hamahjang

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