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mithsubishi lancer, 2000 model

the problem is:
about a month a go i change the tyre...but i only change the front tyre (both of them)...and so...since the rear tyre still good...i move the rear tyres to the front...and i put the new tyres at the rear....

i do wheel balancing for the new tyres only....and then i do wheel allignment for all 4 tyres...
after steering wheel somehow need to be turn a little bit to the right to make the cra go straight....

so i do wheel allignment again for all 4 tyres...and it still not fixed (the guy at the service say they will fix it...but then when i drive my car...the steering wheel still need to be turn to the right a little bit to make the car go straight....

what should i do?
should i do wheel balancing on all 4 tyres to? (since i only do the balancing on the 2 new tyres)

thanks for the help :D

posted by  bhothak426

Let me tell you something, alignment shop are the biggest pain in the ass to get them to get the spoke position right. That's what it's called. Spoke position. I've never gotten them to do it for me right. Anyway, ALL they have to do is turn both tie-rod adjusting-sleeves the same amount until the spoke position is strait and the wheels are pointing strait as well. But getting them to do that, and do it right is beyond me. And you should get the tires balanced only if they give any in the least of a vibration. :thumbs:


posted by  DodgeRida67

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