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Hi i posted this in the General Section before i knew there was a repair section so here goes a post for Repair section.

I have a ignition cut-off on one of my cars a 2 door 96 Acura Integra GS-R.
Heres the story, I went to get a good alarm system installed, and when i finnaly picked my alarm system the professional guy also suggested that i also add a ignition Cut-Off switch to my car for added security, i asked him wat it does he explained kinda, basically told me its a button i have to push before i can start my car and i can hide it anywhere i want. I thought to myself what a great idea! so i gave him the go-ahead to install that along with my alarm system.
Iev had it in my car for about 3 month now, and its annoying the shit out of me!
I went to the shop asked if he can take it out, and he was saying hes going to have to charge, $150+ to take it out completly , i was seriously thinking about hitting him, but i kept my cool and said "Cool ill think about it" and left.Ok im not going to pay for him just to take this shit out.

Can anyone help me on how i can remove this ignition cut-off thing myself.
For it to help you to help me, i will explain how i start my car:
1) Disarm my alarm
2)Get in (DUH)
3)Hold onto the button(Hidden somewhere!), while one hand is holding the button
4)my other hand sticks key in ignition and my journey is complete.

So yea hopefully that should explain to you guys what kind of ignition cut-off thing i got. I seriously dont know much about how it works, i just want it out to make my life easier, i already have alarm and a AutoLock i think that is enough. Please Someone Anyone Please help me on how i take this thing out comepletly!
A Step-By-Step would be very very much greatly appreciated.

posted by  hypnotik

My car suddenly prevented me from turning the ignition switch and as I locked the door the lights and alarms go off. I got the car at an auction and don't know where the hidden button is and I don't even have a remote key chain. Does anyone know where they usually hide the alarm button on a jimmy ? thanks, roger

posted by  RUDUNN

Hello to both of you: In regards to the alarms, you have two choices, either go underneath the knee bolster and find the make of alarm; i.e. Chapman, Viper, ViperII, etc; and contact the maufacturer (or local dealer) and get a remote, if you do not have one, OR you can follow these simple instructions and take the whole thing out. As for the push button hidden start, there are two wires coming off this small button which have a single connector that goes into the primary module hidden underneath the dash behind your knee bolster (usually zip tied to something stationary). At that module you will also find a conglomeration of wires that looks like a nightmare to unravel, but it is not. The primary ignition wire which bypasses the push button starter and returns the car to key start only is usually black with a yellow tracer, yellow or yellow with a green or black tracer or red. Here is how you find it. Take the real ignition wires and follow them from the lock cylinder down the cloumn. If there is a relay installed there will be a red wire coming from the real ignition (constant power wire) which this relay is tied into. Then the ignition wire from the lock cylinder will be tied into the alarm and this relay. Take the primary harness of the car and match the ignition start wire back to its original end (same color wire) where it was cut and the alarm spliced in. In essence, what you will be doing is reconnecting the iginition wire back to its original status and removing the alarm system cut out all together from the system. Then follow each wire from the alarm system to its splice point and remove it. Most installers are far too lazy to cut each wire, so they either just strip them back and wind the alarm wire in and cover it with electrical tape or they use 3M and/or splice connectors. But they have to cut the ignition wire from the cylinder completely so that will be the only wire that has to be butt connected back together. I have made this as simple as possible, but if you have any questions, email me at MsSnapon@aol.com because I seldom get to visit here.

posted by  MsSnapon

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