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ok i have a 2000 WS6 (LS1) A4

Mods: hooker longtubes, custom ypipe, slp loudmouth

when i had my modifications done..i realize my SES light came up. i was told it was perfectly normal with every exhaust modifications, but on the other hand i was also told that i would require a "tune" if that was to be done to my car. Is it true that i need to "tune" my car? and would there be ne problems that would arise in the future due to the SES light?

posted by  WS6cruiser

The SES light is on because of the modifications that were done to the exhaust such as egr, air pump and supply tube (if that had to be altered) and o2 sensors that were changed with the factory manifolds came off and the aftermarket headers were installed. Were O2 sims installed to talk back to the pcm/ecu? I just bought a loaded '02 T/A Ram Air WS6 6-spd hurst and am looking into exhaust mods. I am not going to do all that stuff to it now because I dont like the fact that it is not original and it does screw with the computer. I am just going to run true duals back and either run str8 pipes if not too too loud or install performance mufflers. Is the light that is on the Check engine light? We also have a check gauges light that comes on for things such as fuel being low and other instumentation anomalies. From what I have read and researched, you can get a chip to correct the light from comming on or you can also hook up a hypertech tuning computer to disable the light for the reasons that it is coming on. This is what I don't like. I do not want anything screwing with the vehicle computer. I have also heard bad things about the hypertech computers that people rave about for aftermarket performance tuning. Your call! TONS of the T/A's I have seen modded at car shows have that SES light on. OBD II is very sensitive. From what I hear with all these expensive aftermarket exhausts too is that you can install O2 simulators that essentially tell the ECU what it wants to see and not the reality of the emmisions. That is one way to get around that SES light. Good luck!

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posted by  cmeseadoin

yes, 02 sims were installed but only for the headers i think. i was told there are suppose to be 4 sims, so i think 2 are installed that came with my headers and the other 2 which are for my exhaust (which didnt come with it).
The light that comes on is the service engine soon light and thats it. Also i used my neighbors predator programmer's diagnostic test (to get rid of the SES light). It does take out the light....until about 10 mins it comes back on. The light doesnt bother me, its the things that "could" happen that bothers me. Now when im driving i can smell either rich or lean fuel (dunno the difference) and im sure in the long run its gunna cost me. So maybe i'll just go ahead and pay extra money to get a "tune" and get them to fix my emissions and everything.

posted by  WS6cruiser

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