Intermittent but frequent hum in 2002 Ford ZX2

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I'm hearing an intermittent (fairly frequent, but random) low pitched hum while driving. It almost sounds like the noise you get when blowing across the top of an empty bear bottle, but it's not quite that airy, if that makes any sense. ;) Volume, frequency, and pitch are unaffected by speed. Noise goes away when nearly stopped (<1 or 2 mph) but is otherwise consistent at all speeds (up to 70mph). Revving engine while stopped does not cause the noise. I turned off the AC, fan, and radio to hear better and it's still there. This noise just started the day before yesterday but does not seem to be getting worse. The car has just over 25K miles on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Needless to say, I'm desperately hoping this wn't cost me an arm and a leg. :mrgreen:

posted by  seanr

It's always nice to see an intro from new members before they ask for help, please click the relevent link in my sig :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Done (, though there's not much to say which is why I didn't bother in the first place.

Regarding the noise, after further observation, it sounds more like a low pitched squeek than a hum, but I can't imagine why it'd be maintaining a constant pitch like that regardless of speed but only happen when moving. Also, it is not in any way affected by steering, as far as I can tell.

posted by  seanr

was looking for info on ZX2, considering purchasing one for my daughter.
Was wondering if you had "hum" fixed and how you liked the car overall?

posted by  nfdeng8

Yep, got it fixed. It ended up just being a warped engine shield rubbing against the axel (no idea how it got that way, though). Took them about five minutes to bend it back into shape and was fixed free of charge (I was in for a state inspection at the same time).

I'm fairly pleased with the car - gets relatively good gas mileage and has had no problems since I got it.

posted by  seanr

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