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Hey all. This problem's been bugging me for a while now, so I'm getting serious about getting it fixed. Hopefully someone can offer some suggestions of things to check before I take to a shop.

First off. The car is a '96 Geo Prizm (identical to Corolla) with 94000 miles (10000 of mine) and the 1.6 L engine with manual.

Since shortly after I bought it, there has been a chirping or a squeaking sound that appears to come from the front wheels. It is almost inaudible when it's wet out, but is loud enough to hear when it's dry with the windows shut and the radio is off, and it's pretty loud with the windows open. (obviously, I bought it on a rainy day :oops: ). The sound seems to occur once per rotation of the wheels. It definitely depends on wheel speed, not engine speed.

It's not the indicator tab on the brake pads, an aquaintence verified that. The sound does not change or diminish when I apply the brakes, so I don't think it is brake related. I've felt the hub and axles for heat after long drives and there is none, although I haven't felt as far up as the CV joints. There is no play in the steering, no vibration, and I've had no problems with tracking. There has also been no problems with fuel economy indicating unusual amounts of friction. Finally, as far as I can tell, the sound has not gotten any worse in the year that I've owned the car. It's annoying enough though that I want it gone.

So, if anybody can offer suggestions for other possible sources of the problem I should investigate before trying a mechanic, I would definitely appreciate your help.

Happy Monday!

posted by  iamlucky13

If you use the intro section, you can expect alot more advise....As for your problem, I was gonna suggest the indicator tabs, but it obviously isn't that lol...

posted by  Cliffy

I figure it's a problem that is hard to diagnose without taking a close look, but you never know who's seen a similar problem or know's something I overlooked.

Thanks for taking the time. I'll be sure to drop by the intro section.

posted by  iamlucky13

I've noticed yesterday two corollas and another prizm making the same sound as they drove by. That's somewhat of a relief, since I'm not the only one, but I'm surprised nothing about it turned up in a Google search.

If anybody's got any more ideas, I'd love to hear them!

posted by  iamlucky13

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