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As mentioned in our introduction message, my son has an 89 Mustang with a 2.3L SHOC engine. When we bought it, we were told it needed a headgasket because the engine was emitting steam from the exhaust. So, we pulled the head, took it to a head-shop to have it surfaced and the valves ground. The head-shop told us they thought the water leak was from the intake manifold, and when I took it to them, they were able to show us where the coolant was leaking through, into the #2 cylinder. We purchased a used, but good, manifold from a salvage yard, and are now ready to put everything back together.

I noticed in an earlier post, that the #1 cylinder should be at TDC, which I presume also means that the cam should be rotated so that both valves for the #1 cylinder should also be in the closed position for installation of the timing belt. There have been a few posts about marks on the cam-gear and the crankshaft pully for the timing belt, and these should be pointing at or facing each other to ensure the timing will be close enough for the engine to start. We have not been able to find anything that represents these marks. So, our question is: What shoud we be looking for? How do we identify these 'timing' marks?

Several messages have mentioned using the maintenance manual to locate these marks. Unfortunately, our financial condition is such that right now, we cannot afford to buy such a manual. Is there one online somewhere? Our local library does not have such a manual and will have to have it shipped in from the county library which will take a week, and we'd really like to get this project completed so we can get the Mustang out of our garage.

Any advice you can provide will certainly be appreciated.

Lee & Matt

posted by  cargoman

The marks on the gears are actually "dots". They're circular small indentions about the size of the end of a punch.

posted by  DodgeRida67 /80/19/45/86/0900823d80194586.jsp

should be a good start

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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