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I got a pressing problem. This morning I wanted to check the oil and the front hood does not open anymore. It opens with a little leaver from the drivers side under the hood. When I pulled it this morning however nothing happened, I think the wire must have snapped.

Question is, anyone know how I can open the hood any other way? Or if not, who could do it? Can a mechanic do it? And related to this: the rear door have long been stuck shut and do not open at all. Who can I take it to for repair?

Thank you very much,

posted by  Ciprian

Needs a little more detail:
If the cable is broken you won't feel the spring action of the latch and the pull handle will probably stay in the 'out' position. If the latch just does not release then you'll feell the spring return when you release pulling on the handle.
Try having someone press down on the hood while you operate the handle then you'll just fell the action of the latch. A squirt of PB Blaster under the center of the hood where the latch is may help. WD40 may work too but I prefer PB Blaster where there's a risk of corrosion.

Similar answers apply to the rear door but you need to get in where the problem is so maybe you need to remove the door panel to get to the affected parts. I don't know the Jetta but on many cars you can't remove the panel with the door closed.

I would think the people best equipped to look into it are your friendly (and probably expensive) local VW dealer. :ohcrap:

posted by  HighWayMan

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