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OK. here is the situation...and i hope someone, anyone has an answer...

I have a 1987 toyota supra with a 1j in it. it is basically stock, only intake and exhaust. Well today i had straight pipe( as in not cats or anything) put onto the car. it sounds soooo sweet anyways...
i will run the car at stock boost (11-13 lbs) and it is fine..i sit at a light and im fine..i drive like a normal person and i am fine. BUT!!!! when i decide to shut the car off and the turbo time (3 minutes) kicks in...out of the exhaust pipe comes smoke...ok let me tell u about the smoke,..(lol) not leaking oil..the smoke isnt blue and it dont smell like oil..someone told me my compression might be bad (but why would it just all of a sudden drop cuz of some pipes out the back) that didnt make any sence to me. so i am lost... if u have any clue or any advice i would greatly appreciate it:)

thanks load......

-Jenny (supraqueen) ;)

posted by  Supra_Jen

where did you get ur intake and exhaust installed?

posted by  Ki2AY

does it really matter? :joking:

posted by  WeaponR


posted by  Wally

I don't know this engine that well - which seals are you talking about? (plus if the guy needs to bee-bop down to NAPA or Autozone, he needs to know what to tell the guy @ the counter)

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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