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Have a leaking convertible top, lift cylinder, on passenger side. I've located the pump/motor unit. It is not obvious to me how to fill the hydraulic system with fluid after replacing the cylinder.........any input? I'm assuming the cylinder is non repairable and the dealer $170.00 + price tag is my only option. Any guidance would be appreciated.

posted by  dl_now

I'll move this to the R&M section, It'll receive more viewings there :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I think I may have a similar problem. I was lifting the top the other day and I heard what sounded like a snap. Now, the only way the top will go up and down is with some assistance. I have the back seat out now and located the pump. I still have to pull the trim covers off to see if one of my lifts is leaking. Can I ask what was the symptom that you new the lift was bad? Did you have oil seeping on the floor board or did the top just quit working? I can hear the motor and it appears to be working but does not sound like it used to.

I do have the shop manual if I can be of any assistance to you. It does indeed state that the pump resevoir should be checked for proper fluid, but I believe you will have to completely remove the pump from the lines. The manual does not talk at all about bleeding the system.

posted by  bs9017

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