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Hi All,
The 95 corolla (DX wagon), 1.6L 4-cyl. A/C is working in a strange manner. Started last summer with A/C blowing hot (hotter than the outside air) after a few minutes of cool air. The dealer wanted $2,500 to fix. Found a indy shop (restores old cars) and after spending more than a day looking for leaks, etc. he blew out the expansion vlave and the thing started to work fine and it did so all summer!

The hot seaon is here and its back to trouble. Now the A/C works fine when the outside temp is below 90 (when i dont need it) and when its hot outside, it runs fine for about 10 mins, depending on the temp outside it could be little longer or shorter! Then it starts to blow only the outside air (at least its not hot air). I took it back to the shop and after a day of work, he suggests that I replace the expansion valve, dryer and he suggests MAY need a compressor. All at about $1700. Any ideas?

The condensor fans are working, the car never over heats.

Thanks for your help.

melting away in AZ

posted by  melting

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