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Some jerk scatched my car on the passenger door.

They scatched a W and than some. Not to mention they got one single line of a scratch on a panel benneath the one with the door lock.

The car is a Toyota Corrola, beige/champagne color 2002, is the year.

I was wondering approximately how much would it cost to take it to a professional to repaint.

Secondly, are there any products out there that anybody would recommend rather than seeing a professional.

I am by no means an expert when it comes to cars, I am just looking for a solution.

Thanks for you help guys.

posted by  bigd0gg

I would guess about $400 to refinish a door panel

A body shop can gice you a better estimate

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Man that sucks. :ohcrap: You got some enemies or what?

posted by  importluva

well start with a colour matching wax, depneds if the scarch has perforated the laquer and paint. If it doesnt work the worst you lost is $10 and some time.

posted by  cinqyg

Thanks for the help guys.

Now I need to find some color matching wax and keep my fingers crossed.

posted by  bigd0gg

It's gonna cost me $300. The nerve of some people. :cussing: :smoke:

posted by  bigd0gg

It seems you have taken it to a body shop. If you have only taken it to one shop, take it to another. Not all shops are up front and honest. You didn't mention how deep the scratches were. It may be possible for the damage to be buffed out. $300 ain't bad. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

$300-500 for R/R'ing a door most likely.......get several estimates.....only way to properly fix a paint scratch from someone keying it is to re-paint it...none of that other mess works like GS-27, none of it. If the clearcoat and basecoat have been damaged, then you are screwed. General rule....if you can feel it with your fingernail, it's repaint time! I'd first find out who did it then shoot them....then get it repainted. :ticking:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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