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Hi guys wonder if you could help me ive just bought a K reg fiesta 1.3 LX and recently ive been having some problems with it. The cars starts fine but ive noticed whilst in 1st gear and 2nd when i decelerate the car jumps like im Kangarooing (lol) also the car cuts out some times whilst stopping at junctions? im going to change the spark plugs today and the HT leads but was wondering if any 1 could help or have ne ideas? a few friends have said the timing might need tuning? any help will be much appriciated
:banghead: :banghead:

posted by  stone

A word of warning before attempting to change the plugs.....DO NOT go at them like a bull in a china shop, these plugs have a habit of rusting into the head, spray some WD-40 or similar on them first, before attempting removal, then, when putting the new ones in, put plenty of copper grease on the threads and at the top of the thread especially, so they are easier to remove next time!

Sounds like the kangarooing is due to the plugs to me...or the leads! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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