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Hi everyone:

Our "02 Accord (SULEV) - that's Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle makes a growling noise when accelerated rapidly from a stand still.
The engine is fine as is the transmission and everything sounds and runs smooth, especially at moderate to high speeds.

It's just when I step hard on the accelerator, at low speeds, I hear this growling noise which quietens after the car picks up speed.

A visual inspections shows nothing wrong with the exhaust. The car has only 22,000 miles and I think it's been doing that since we bought it brand new. It's just more noticeable now.

My question to you all is what do you think is the cause of the noise? Do you think it would be covered under warranty?

I mentioned the SULEV feature in case that's a clue. Also, my wife claims the car gets poor mileage (20 mpg in the city).

I hope those symptoms help in your prognosis.

Thank you all.


posted by  yngadult

Is there anyone who has a clue as to what the problem could be?

posted by  yngadult

Taking it to the dealer and getting it checked and estimated cost of repair (if needed) is probably less than $100.00... An 02 should still be under warranty and your best course of remedy right now.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Your car is growling because its hungry. Have you been feeding it lesser value cars every month? Um yeah 22,000 I think Honda has a 36,000/36month warranty, you may still be covered just take it into the honda dealership..

posted by  DSMer

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