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I was driving my car, and around the same time (very well coulda been the same time), my antilock brake light came on that said they weren't working. During the winter, they usually go off occasionally in ice, but this wasn't the case this year. They're dead. I also had cruise control only work intermittently 2 winters ago, worked fine last summer, and then died last winter, about the same time as my ABS. I checked the fuse diagram, which didn't list either of these. I assume they could be on the same fuse, but i can't find where it is.

My Car:

94 Cutlass Ciera
140,000 miles
Automatic V6
Power locks, ABS

Other notes:
Upgraded radio, (probably doesn't make a difference but you should know just in case)
I had a couple of mice under the hood and in the trunk a while ago, but they have since disappeared and everything worked at the tim

posted by  brandonchristel

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