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Help I have a 95 1.2Ltr SB Holden Barina and i have a problem with a dash light that keeps coming on. Every time i take a L/H corner the light that illuminates when you put the handbrake on lights up. It will then go off after about 10sec. Pls HELP with any suggestions caus this is driving me mad :banghead: . thanks J

posted by  Justins

This is a common issue with alot of vehicles. One quick check that you should probably do is check to see if your brake fluid resiviour is to the mark. Basiclly it is just a saftey thing built into the vehicle to let you know that your fluid is running low. There can be other causes but let me know how you go with this one.


posted by  danielt83

This thread is only four years old....*sarcasm* :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

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