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A friend needs to change the tyres of his 91 corolla. Doing that, he decided to get new rims as well.
He wants some kind of 5 spokes alloy rims, silver finish, 14 inches along with tyres, all-weather performance type. What should he look for?
Thanks for all input.

posted by  The Frenchman

Go to www.tirerack.com

posted by  lectroid

I see Tirerack's name a lot on another forum I frequently visit - are they competitive?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I'd get mine from discount tire company or another shop like that so that if you have problems with the tires or rims you dont have to send them in to those tire rack nazi's
and that way they install them for you for normally about the same cost(well worth the laziness factor)

posted by  Pieface

Yes, the are and I have used them since 1989.

posted by  lectroid

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