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I have a Dodge Daytona '89 w/out turbo 4-cylinder. how can i reset or erase the check engine light. its messing up my idle because every time i start up or slow down/stop it putters and shuts off. Plus i think my exhaust manifold is blow, which started all of this, i think. what do you all think? i need to reset the light because i think there are some old codes in memory that need to get erased so i get the right code to fix. Please help!! Thanks for your help

posted by  mth4007

disconnect the battery :)
but if your exhaust manifold is leaking it's going to come up with another code so it wont help you any

posted by  Pieface

i have already dissconnected the battery for 10 min. I thought the leak wouldn't have anything to do with the fault code. i'll probley have to take the engine out to replace the gasket, but why does it keep shuting off all the time?

posted by  mth4007

what fault code are you getting?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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