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Question about a Mitsubishi transmission. I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage and when the car is warmed up the transmission "clunks" when downshifting into first gear. There appears to be no other problems with the automatic transmission. The engine has about 120,000 miles. Any ideas as to what's causing this problem? Thanks. Hockeydan

posted by  hockeydan

RWD? Sounds like CV joints. A LOT like it I might add. :2cents:

posted by  DodgeRida67

It's a front wheel drive. I don't think it's the cv joint. this noise only happens on the downshift to first gear when coming to a stop.

posted by  hockeydan

when was the last time you changed ur transmission fluid?
are the cv boot's torn or anything?
Does it have the proper amount of fluid?
Is there any bubbling or anything like that on the fluid check stick?

posted by  Pieface

Ok let me explain why I said CV joint(s)

When your slowing down, in 2nd gear about to downshift into 1st, the engine is putting a great deal of turning force on the driveshafts. When it kicks down to 1st gear, its the oppisite, the draftshaft is now putting pressure on the transmission to turn the tranny faster and engine. If there is any "play" in the cv jounts when it kicks down, CLUNK.

That's as basic as I can explain it to you. If you understand the concept you'll see the great possibility of it being CV joint(s)

I doubt it's your transmission though:thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Yeah I agree with him, thats a highly possibilty. And it could be your tranny, mitsus are infamously known for having bad a tranny here and there. Could also be a loose tranny(just a wild guess there). My buddys Taurus wagon has bad tranny mounts or engine mounts and his car clunks when it gears down or up I forget, but your best bet is with what DodgeRida says...

posted by  DSMer

Had the CV joints checked out. They were good. Shop seems to think its a sensor in the transmission. Possible a computer problem. Does this sound reasonable. If so, what kind of $$$ am I looking at......Thanks

posted by  hockeydan

You should only ever shift into first gear when the car is stationary, otherwise it puts un-nessesary strain on the transmission :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

he ment it happens when the gear box automaticly puts into first gear .

it might be the clutches or bands inside the gear box .

mitsubishi's got some illness with gear boxes , i heard about lots of mitsubishi lancer's who had a dead gear box situation

posted by  ILdriver

It is an automatic transmission. Will be taking it to the transmission shop tomorrow and get the problem analyzed. Thanks for the help. Hockeydan

posted by  hockeydan

I ask because my VW Jetta 1.8T has a side operator on the tranny shift control (move the shifter tothe right) that switches it to a semi manual mode forward for up a gear and backward for down a gear. It allows for shifting to any of the 5 forward gears inbcluding first.

posted by  HighWayMan

Hi this is my first post, for a new member.
As far as the "clunks" are concerned, they originate between the downshift 2nd to 3rd, and are usually caused by TPS.[Have it checked].
Mitsubishi, with the gear in "D" stands in second gear, and only when you press on the gas does it drop to first gear, this action engages a "sprag"[One way clutch] ,in other words first gear only engages when you are stationary

posted by  tedjo

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