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yesterday the engine light came on & the gauges seemed to flicker. speedometer stopped then went back up. made it home, but the next day car wouldn't crank! made no sound. lights came on but eventually didn't tried to jump it, didn't work. checked battery, it's fine. any suggestions on what to check next greatly appreciated! sounds electrical which sounds EXPENSIVE!

posted by  suicidaldream

Sounds like EMC failure... :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

cheap option is corroded conections expensive one is like dodge said ECU/EMU has snuffed it

posted by  cinqyg

Wait a damn minute. I went through this way to quickly.

Gauges flickered, got it, wouldnt crank, got it. Didnt make a sound? Hey hey hey.....

Sounds like a classic ignition module failure. I believe on your neon your ignition module controls power to your starter relay. If your relay doesnt click, I can almost assure you its your ignition module. They are about $180 bucks.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Ya, flip the key in the ignition. If you hear a click from the starter relay, but the starter is not activating it could be the starter.

no click it could be the starter relay. Or something broken in the actual ignition switch.

Wear gloves and use a screwdriver to short the two wires to the starter, if it starts, the starter works if not its broken..., or take it out and an auto parts store might test it for free its very simple....

IT could also be a small part called the ballast resistor.

Heres a small bad news. Something could be failing in the connection from the battery ( seems likely as lights flicker etc. A ground could intermittently be shorting etc)

Ok, and then when you tried to start it not enough juice got to the starter causing the solenoid to try to crank and kill itself.

So possibly in this story you have two things wrong.

Definitely follow the red wire all the way from the post to the starter and make sure its functioning and tightened.

posted by  stamar

Ballast restistor? oh yeah, don't forget to change the ignition points. :screwy: :screwy:

posted by  DodgeRida67

When did American cars start using ballasts and points again?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

turns out we put a voltmeter(is that what u call it?) to the cables and one wasn't working. they just needed to be cleaned and tighetened! i was SO HAPPY! CHEAP!! eventually will have to replace them but they're $60 at the dealer so im gonna check some junkyards for decent ones 1st.

posted by  suicidaldream

I never caught in any of the posts which cables are you replacing? Battery cables, cable to the starter, etc? Many cables / wires can be fabricated from stuff bought @ an auto parts store or much less expensively than going to the dealership. Hang around the car forums long enough you will see the term "stealership" used sometimes interchangeably with dealership - often for good reason when dealing with the parts departments

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I dont understand...

Do you not know what a ballast resistor is?

U should google them up. http://www.jegs.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=3531&prmenbr= 361

Thats just one i googled up as for sale to show u what one looks like.

Basically a ballast resistor turns 12 volts into 14. Thats it. Upon further review it would not prevent the starter from cranking, but it definitely stops a car from starting.

Just a very small part that prevents a car from running if it goes out.

If you are saying they dont exist in modern cars that is possible. My 90 dodge with fuel injection and electronic ignition has a ballast resistor Im practically certain, I see it right when I open the hood. I have seen cars without them as well. I would wager that a 94 dodge neon has one but Im not going to research it.

edit, ok I lied I did look it up. Here is a part from a 97 dodge neon ballast resistor.
http://dodge-engine-parts.com/neon_highline_001-1997-engine_electrical-ball ast_resistor-engineparts.html

Some two people will have to eat crow and do a little of their own research. :hi:

chrysler cars of old were very famous for this part going out. To the best of my knowledge the ballast resistor is a very common part on all cars including 2004 models, because the replacement part is available for almost all cars. However, I do know many cars do not have them as well such as a honda accord from the early 90s I was trying to diagnose.

If one of you want to do more thorough research be my guest Im curious enough to want to know which cars have them and which do not.

posted by  stamar

I did a little research The late model neons have a Distributorless ignition system with ignition modules and coil packs - they have no ballast resistors

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Your wrong on many points here. The one that jumps out the most is where you said "it turns 12 volts into 14" No, a risistor always lowers voltage. That's why it's called a risistor and thats why on the link you gave, it shows OHMs specs. If you knew what you were talking about, you'd know the formula and put it to use and tell us the correct voltage and now spew BS like say it turns 12 volts into 14. If you even knew what a ballast was FOR then you'd know it wouldnt work if it raised voltage.

EDIT: BTW, that link you gave to the Dodge Auto Parts website, didnt have ballast resistors. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

it's the battery cables. one of them is about to break because of being tightened too hard in the past. the other(which is the one not working) looks fine, but i guess is a bit rusty. the wires themselves look ok, i think it's just the parts that actually attach to the posts that are worn. i heard u could replace them with other sizes but iwouldnt want to rig anything that involved cutting those wires for fear of screwing something up worse. i always avoid dealers when possible.

posted by  suicidaldream

you can buy cables @ most auto parts places - make sure the copper wire is the same diameter or larger than the original

posted by  tbaxleyjr

u can't buy the original ones, maybe some others that will fit. i called every auto store in town.

posted by  suicidaldream

Hello. I have a 95 Dodge Neon. The other day when I was driving it, it just stopped at a stop light. I didn't have the AC on, radio wasn't on either. I tried starting it, but it wouldn't start. I can hear it turn, but it just won't start all the way. I checked the battery, it's fine. I checked the oil, that's fine. I had plenty of gas as well. Can anyone help me with this dilemma?


posted by  95neon

sounds like possible the altenator...

posted by  94corollaguy

It could be many things...
it could be fuel it could be um.... a fuse.

First in check to see if there is a spark in the spark plug. dont shock yourself though.

Then check to see if fuel is making it into the injectors. those are the first steps.

It does not sound like the alternator. A car can start without an alternator.

posted by  stamar

Check the battery terminals

posted by  Hoogey

he's probably checked them. after all, he's had over 4 years to do it...:banghead:

posted by  dodger65

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