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I just turned 16 so my parents gave me a 91' chevy corsica with a new engine. it has a v6 with a 3.1 in it. the only things that werent replaced was the starter and alternator. well the other day my alternator went bad so my dad fixed it for me. i was wondering if burning out ruins my engine? i no i ruins yr tires if u do it enough but i hardly do it. also a couple of times i held the brake in and pushed the accelerator at the same time to kinda rev my engine and i was wondering if that was bad. or if putin the car in park and holding down the accelerator for about 2 secs is bad? well those are all my questions. i really dont know anything about cars but am tryin to learn more about them. thanks for all yr help.


posted by  serena

Initially there is no problem with some harsh treatment. But continual harsh treatment will take its toll on your car.

Being a father myself, I assume your Dad bought this car for you purposely. First of all to get you movin' and secondly to see how you will take care of your car. Even if it is a beater, how you treat it may influence the thoughts of buying you a newer, nicer car. Pound it to the ground and you may end up with another beater.

Bottom line here is: treat your car as good as you want it to treat you.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Spoken like a true car guy/father. Um yeah, its fun ass hell to do donuts in a Corsica but don't beat on it. You don't have any engine to be burning out and showing off in the first place.

Um yeah park reving, not a good idea. If you have the need to rev put it in Nuetral. I have no idea why its damn corsica..Err... yeah burning out wears your tires down and I have no idea why you are burning out period.

And if you are nuetral dropping stop that now, because it seems like something you would do. Nuetral dropping is putting the car in Nuetral and revving it then slamming it down into drive to simimulate a Manual car burnout. DO NOT do this. It will blow your tranny.

posted by  DSMer

No automatic transmission, regardless of the manufacturer, will last long neutral dropping and doing burn-outs. Holding the brake and reving the engine will destroy a transmission as well.

Racing an engine is rough on the main bearings and other parts thus should only be done as part of disgnostic testing work and not as a common practice

Several years ago, my oldest daughter, a high school junior @ that time, learned it is embarassing to be dropped off @ high school in the car riders line (where the freshmen get dropped off) when she got her car taken away from her. In my household, that would happen if I found out a teen was doing stupid things with a car (I am sure your parents have ground rules concerning the car) or being disrespectful to the parents or other adults.

Some fatherly advice - you to show your parents some respect and appreciation by driving your car responsibly, taking care of it and helping your parents keep it serviced, and not driving your car in a stupid and idiotic manner. Also don't let this same stupidity get into your driving habits on the road. I personally know two teens whose funerals my family has attended and another teen who is going to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair beacuse of making stupid decisions concerning how they drove their cars.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Yeah, or you go buy your own car and do whatever you please in it...(But you'll understand the quality of taking care of your car when its your own) Yeah hes right, take care of your stuff. No High reving, nutral dropping, burnouts, scadoodles, scallywagging, overpacking, donuts, wheelspins, speeding.... and definetly no racing! :thumbs:

posted by  DSMer

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