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Help !!

I have a September 1999 1.8 Zetec Gia saloon. About 6 months ago I noticed
that the speedometer would career to zero and the volume of the radio would reduce. I didn't think much of that, until the next 'stage' of this
sequence was, as I approached a roundabout or a bend with the speedo at zero the ignition light would come on - AND - the power steering would
lock up !!??

I have had the thing to the local main dealer FOUR times now and the
'Master Tech' (Colin) reckons there is no fault showing when it is up on the diagnostic/engine management machine.

So....... I am banjaxed !! I have nowhere else to go. I got the car back on Thursday 17th June, I have done 27 miles and the thing locked up on me
this morning, Friday 18th.

Has ANYONE experienced this - and found a resolution ?????

Grateful Paulie

posted by  Paulie Walnuts

Sounds a lot like the ignition module. With the engine at normal operating temp, the car idling, open the hood and carefully listen to the engine speed. Does it flucuate?

posted by  DodgeRida67

doesnt the idle fluctuate on most cars??

posted by  cinqyg

Of course, but Ford has had major problems with ignition modules. Ive had 3 go bad. One symtom is badly fluctuating idle speed.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Hello, Paulie!

I've been experiencing the same problem with a December 1998 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Saloon - just occasionally, but yesterday the car stalled leaving me in a dangerous situation, so I checked out with a local repair facility and they advised me to look on the internet first, otherwise I could spend a lot of money at a Ford dealer having them search for a problem they couldn't find.

Have you had any success in finding a solution to your problem? We can't be the only two Focus drivers to have experienced it.

Hope to hear good news from you,


posted by  John Ainslie

about quite a few failing ignition modules on the late 90's Focus vehicles. So I would recommend either doing what mopar recommended to do a self test, or bringing it to the dealer explaining that you feel the problem lies with the ignition module. Best of luck, keep us posted.

posted by  Flame Roller

:cussing: I had exactly the same problem on my 1998 Ztec listened to the engine and you can hear it idling erratically, but its very quiet and you have to listen carefully.

Have changed the ignition module yesterday from the scrap yard and all has been well since.

posted by  epiphone

i had a 350 rocket f85 cutlass (1966) wish i would have kept it .i had a 6.6 litre 1977 trans am that was alot of zap for 220 hp.and 12 mpg,a viper gets 24 as far as the FOCUS goes ,at one time it was the # 1 recalled vehicle on the ford and tell them to fix the garbage just like the 97 explorer suspension which they tried to pin on firestone.there is probably a recall or tsb for the problem.its
just a matter of calling enough dealers.

posted by  the lobster

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