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i have subaru impreza 2003 TS 1.6L
my problem is too strange
i have to go to some places have too bad roads!!
and thinking to increase car height !!
cos always hear "zeeeeeeeeeeeee zeeeeeeeeeeee" when something in road touch car bottom
i know it will lose car stability but am asking about if there is any way to increase car height without lose stability!!! wheels can do that?
or what? :ohcrap:

posted by  assem_g

What about height-adjustable shocks? You can get a small lift from that.

posted by  DodgeRida67

we know that we use Adjustable Shocks so that we make the car more lower so give it some stability
what about if we try to make car more higher with these?
the most thing i thinking about curves cos am always driving in high way not less than 140-150 and more!!
and i wanna any thing give some height without losses stability :banghead:

posted by  assem_g

I was just wondering is there any real limit at which the point of lowering a car become pointless. Obviously lowering a car gives u extra downforce and provides a better driving experience however i would assume a time would come where it is just non-benificial for it to be lowered anymore??

Cheers Ady

posted by  Ady1987

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